Turn our experience into your success

Without innovative pump and filter technology the exacting demands of the modern mechanical and systems engineering cannot be realized any longer.

In short: We make processes involving liquid media both more reliable and economical.

Thanks to many years‘ work in this specialist field on the part of company founder Wolfgang Renner, comprehensive expert knowledge was available right from the outset, and over time this developed into true international know-how. Today, many new ideas, a well-developed quality awareness and the use of innovative technologies create the conditions for a flexible, customer-orientated product range that optimally meets the demands of modern, industrial process sequences. Wherever there is a need for innovation and special quality, experts today rely on pumps, filters and the associated fittings and apparatus from RENNER.

RENNER company building Plant 1
Company building Plant 1
RENNER company premises
Company premises
RENNER company building Plant 2
Company building Plant 2

We are our customers´competent partner for all applications involving complete system solutions.

The RENNER philosophy and the RENNER design principle ensure results that are individually orientated towards your aims. This ensures that you profit fully from our expert knowledge and from our experience gained in similar work.

Our great depth of production gives both you and us a good conscience.

All essential components of our products are manufactured in our factory.
Experience has shown that only in this way is it possible to meet all the quality criteria to completely fulfill our customers´quality demands. And only in this way do we do justice to our own concept of quality. This approach and way of working have also ensured that innovative ideas and further developments have arisen time and again, and these have in turn made a significant contribution towards giving us a technological edge in both design and production.

Wide range of products by RENNER
Wide range of products
Certified quality by RENNER
Certified quality
RENNER precision in every detail
Precision in every detail

You´ll be impressed by our company philosophy.

Everything that we do is aimed at durability and sustainability, and focuses on the interests of our customers.
That’s why we are always looking for an even better solution, use resources sparingly and attach great value to dealing with our customers and suppliers openly and honestly.