A Swabian success story


New: Expansion of direct sales
RENNER is expanding its own direct sales.

RENNER Direkt Vertrieb


New: RF-HE 400
Filter series RF-HE 400

RENNER Filterbaureihe RF-HE 400


New: RT-VC 100
Vertical centrifugal immersion pump RT-VC 100

RENNER Tauchkreiselpumpe RT-VC 100


New: RSPM 40
Canned motor pump in the performance range of 4 kW

RENNER canned motor pump RSPM 40 PP


New: RSPM 1.5
Canned motor pump 120 W in the low voltage range of 24 V

RENNER canned motor pump RSPM 1.5 PVDF


New: RM-KM – Plastic encased versions of magnetic centrifugal pumps
Drive motor IE4 encapsulated in plastic

Technical KO for corrosion

Regardless of whether chemical or pharmaceutical industry, whether environmental or process engineering, whether water or waste water treatment – without powerful pumps literally nothing would work. Even the most efficient pump is of no help when corrosion and wear jeopardize their availability.
A plastic jacket for the complete pump including the drive motor can provide a remedy.

Press report CAV 11-2013

RENNER magnetic centrifugal pumps RM-KM


New: RM-MF
Pump series RM with innovative drive concept MF – compact design with energy-efficient conveyance.

RENNER magnetic centrifugal pumps RM-MF 4 PP


New European Energy Efficiency Directive

All pumps ≥ 0.75 kW must be equipped with motors of efficiency class IE2.

Energy-saving motors in accordance with IEC 60034-30

Since June 16, 2011 the minimum requirement for asynchronous motors from 0.75 KW to 375 KW IE2 in S1 operation

New classification in efficiency classes IEC 60034-30 0.75 KW:

IE2 High Efficiency
IE3 Premium Efficiency
IE4 Super-Premium Efficiency

Pump motors that are not in compliance with the statutory efficiency classifications IE2 High Efficiency are available only from stocks.


New: RM-MS – Multi-stage centrifugal pump made of solid plastic

Modular, multi-stage plastic centrifugal pump with magnetic coupling (1-stage, 2-stage and 3-stage)

RM-MS = Energy efficiency with high pressure!

BEP (Best Efficiency Point) with high head and low flow rate reduces the energy consumption in high pressure applications.

Compact design with high flexibility.

RENNER magnetic centrifugal pumps RM-MS PP


New: RPR-Control 100

The ideal protection of your process

RPR-Control-100, an electronic monitoring of motor currents protects the pump from dry-running, hot-running and overload. If the above mentioned operating states are not absolutely impossible with your installation, you should use an electronic process monitor to switch off the pump before it is damaged.

Such monitors will not only avoid damage to the pump, but also downtime and costs resulting thereof. At the same time, the monitor checks the pumping process for the set delivery rate. Once install intor the pump´s power supply unit. As it is not necessary to build it into pipe runs, this process monitor also is ideal to retrofit existing installations.

Electronic process protection by RENNER


New: RM-TS – Safe-to-run-dry magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps

The safe-to-run-dry pump – a revolutionary innovation in magnetically coupled centrifugal pump technology.

The RENNER RM-TS pump is the first magnetically coupled centrifugal pump in the world that is absolutely safe to run dry.
With this series we offer you an absolutely safe to run dry, magnetically coupled centrifugal pump, without any ifs and buts.
The new product-line RM-TS include all advantages of our longstanding experience with pumps of the RM type and the additional certainty that they will not be damaged by dry running.
All components of the pump head that are in contact with the fluid, are still metal-free, this is to assure optimum chemical resistance against aggressive fluids.

RENNER magnetic centrifugal pumps RM 3 TS PP


25 years anniversary

The company owes company founder Wolfgang Renner his present market position:
Worldwide on one of the top places among the top ten of manufacturers of magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps out of plastic material. More than 200.000 pumps and filters demonstrate the confidence of the customers.

Manufacturing at RENNER in 2006


After 24 years of building and continuous development, Wolfgang Renner passes the management to his four children, all working in the company for many years.

• Jutta Renner-Anderson
• Dr. Ing. Martin Renner
• Dipl. Ing. (FH) Ulrich Renner
• Dipl. Ing. (BA) Karin Renner

Passing the management at RENNER


The dynamic development in the electronic branch in the previous years presented a challenge also for the company Renner and made the construction of a new building necessary in 1999, with a surface of 6,000 m².


Already in 1995 the progress in the CAD field was recognized and the step forwards from 2 D to 3D was made.


The steady look into improvement, quality and development was certified in 1994 by an external, neutral authority from the point of view of DIN ISO 9001 and since then audited annually.

In autumn 1994 the first student finished successfully her studies with distinction.


After an extension to the existing company building in 1992 the surface at disposal increased more than four times and the number of employees was doubled to 40.

Extension to the existing company building at RENNER


The company RENNER gets the approval to educate students in the subject mechanical engineering according to the dual system at the „Berufsakademie“ (academy for professions) in Karlsruhe. In September 1991 the first student began her three-year studies.

As well, the education of apprentices, already started in 1981, is continued in a nearly annual rhythm and is considered to be, also in future, the basis for well educated staff from the company’s own ranks.


Already in 1987 the drawing boards in the construction department were replaced by CAD (Computer Aided Design) work-places.

RENNER manufacturing in 1987


The next milestone in the young company history, the new company building, followed only 3 years later in October 1984.

Wolfgang Renner, he himself a passionate building contractor, designed and puzzled in this field as well the first company building, together with architect Ewald Link. At this time, the company already had 20 employees.

RENNER Pump/Filter-Units from 1984

Sep. 1981

In order to allow the production of the quantities for existing orders, already in September of the same year a removal into larger rooms became necessary.

At the same time, the still young company began with the education of apprentices in the field industrial mechanics.

June 1981

It took only 6 months until the first prototype of a magnetically coupled centrifugal pump „made by RENNER“ could be put into operation.

First prototype of a magnetic centrifugal pump by RENNER

26th January 1981

Not only famous American companies have started their business in a garage. Also the mechanical engineer Wolfgang Renner started in 1981, together with his wife Berta, on 36 square meters.

Company establishment by Wolfgang and Berta Renner