At RENNER you receive everything from one source

Many of our competitors´ production plants regard outsourcing as a good idea. Not us. Right from the beginning, our aim has always been to manufacture all the most important components of our products ourselves.
Experience has shown that only in this way is it possible to meet all the quality criteria to completely fulfil our customers´quality demands. And only in this way do we do justice to our own concept of quality.

This approach and way of working have also ensured that innovative ideas and further developments have arisen time and again, and these have in turn made a significant contribution towards giving us a technological edge in both design and production.

In short: This means that your contact persons are highly competent experts who fully understand your type of problem.

In all phases of cooperation, from first consulting to after-sales service, you will benefit from their extensive specialist knowledge which is due to the fact that they know our products down to the smallest detail.

Practical design by RENNER
Practical design
Rational serial production at RENNER
Rational serial production
Accurate assembly at RENNER
Accurate assembly