The innovative technology by RENNER makes the difference

We regard research and development as an investment in the future.

Existing products are continously being improved and new possibilities designed and realised in close collaboration with our customers, universities and the engineers of our technical department. The decisive yardstick here is always the practical benefit to the user.

Latest machinery by RENNER
Latest machinery
Precise processing of plastics at RENNER
Precise processing of plastics
Professional tools management by RENNER
Professional tools management

The search for even better solutions has given rise to an unsurpassed technical standard.

RENNER pumps boast robust, practical construction and design. Thanks to the use of a variety of materials, the components in contact with the media are insensitive to both corrosion and chemicals.

Company internal technology center by RENNER
Company internal technology center
Customized solutions by RENNER
Customized solutions
Training of professionals at RENNER
Training of professionals at

The advantages of the RENNER technology are particularly appreciated in applications with exacting quality demands.

Consequently, RENNER products are successfully used in both mechanical and systems engineering as well as in the chemicals and pharmaceutical industry, environmental and process engineering, water and waste water treatment and in the textiles and foodstuffs industry. Experts also rely on RENNER pumps for fitting out etching and cleaning systems, refrigeration machines, solar systems and in the photographic and electroplating industries.

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