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For wet processes, pumps play a crucial role in any system. The entire process either stands or falls with their functionality and reliability. No one knows that better than we do, because this is our domain.

Pumps and filters from RENNER are a reliable partner when it comes to finding solutions for an optimized method of conveying liquids in the name category of “A”, like alkalis, to “Z”, like zinc sulphate. We support almost all processes in which liquids up to a viscosity of 160 mPas and a density up to 2.0 kg/dm³ need to be transfered, sprayed or circulated.

RENNER pumps for renewable energies, solar cell production and energy storage systems
Pumps for renewable energies
RENNER pumps for PCB industry
Pumps for PCB industry
RENNER pumps for electroplating and surface finishing
Pumps for electroplating and surface finishing

As a professional in the technology of pumps and filters in chemical process engineering, we are a flexible partner for plant construction. In addition to rapid production of tailor-made solutions, we offer a broad portfolio of standard products from stock.