Electronic process protection by RENNER

Electronic process protection by RENNER

RPR-Control 100

The electronic process protection system safeguards pumps and equipment against overload, clogged filters, dry run and dead head conditions. In critical situations, it switches the pump off prior to damage occuring at the same time, the system verifies the target flow rate preventing lengthy and costly failures.


  • Safe and effective monitoring of pumps up to 20 kW
  • Cost-savings by avoiding expensive pump repairs
  • Easy to retrofit to existing installations
  • Increases the up-time of your installations

Drive efficiency

  • 750 W – 20 kW

Mains voltage

  • 100 – 250 VAC
  • +5 % /-10 %
  • 1-ph. or 3-ph.


  • 47 – 63 Hz

Power consumption

  • 12 W to max. 15 W

Temperature data

  • Operating temperature:
    0 – 60 °C
  • Storage temperature:
    -10 – +70 °C

Protection class

  • IP20
    (RPR-Control 100-1 and -2)
  • IP55
    (RPR-Control 100-3)


  • on 35 mm DIN rail 46277
    (RPR-Control 100-1 and -2)
  • on-site in the system, e.g. filter unit
    (RPR-Control 100-3)

Other properties

  • No installations required in pipelines
  • Visual presentation of critical operating conditions
  • Integrated operating hour meter to display maintenance requirement when due
  • RPR-Control 101

RPR-Control 101

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RPR-Control 102

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RPR-Control 103

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  • Separate programming unit

Separate programming unit

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The Electronic Process Protection RPR-Control-100 is an overload controller with analogue output monitors the actual power of the pump motor. There are four switching thresholds defined:

  • Dry-running (fault, the motor is switched off)
  • Hot-running (fault, the motor is switched off)
  • Overload (fault, the motor is switched off)
  • Filter contaminated (warning)

The Process Protection RPR Control 100 monitors the operational state of centrifugal pumps by constant, rapid and successive measurements. Adverse operating conditions such as running dry, overheating, overloading can be reliably detected triggering pump shut down to avoid any damage. In case of filter clogging, a warning is issued.
At the same time adherence to the desired flow rate is monitored. Your system is ready for use again immediately after the root cause has been eliminated. A timing meter together with other inputs for a PTC thermistor and other sensors refine the monitoring process even further.

In a similar design, faults and warnings can also be visualized so as to alert maintenance personnel.


The RPR-Control 100 is easily integrated for installation with the pump’s power supply. Since no intervention is necessary in the pipes, retrofitting existing plants is not a problem.
The RPR control 100 is intended for the monitoring of centrifugal pumps with drive power from 0.75 to 20 kW.

For other pump types or with different drive capacities, we welcome the opportunity to make further recommendations »

Installation example RPR-Control by RENNER

Installation example:
RPR-Control to monitor the filter condition inside a filter unit