Filter elements by RENNER

RENNER filter elements


For industrial solid-liquid separation processes, RENNER offers a wide range of filters. Here the focus is on filter cartridges, bags and paper and adsorption media such as “Spaghetti” filters, “angel hair” or activated carbon.

RENNER supplies the necessary consumables for all filter housings.

Product range

  • Wound cartridges
  • Depth filter cartridges
  • Pleated depth filter cartridges
  • Membrane filter cartridges
  • Plastic texture filter cartridges
  • Metallic tissue filter cartridges
  • Activated-carbon filter cartridges
  • Filter bags
  • Filter paper
  • Adsorption Media
  • Filter cartridges

Filter cartridges

Various versions: wrapped up to activated carbon

  • Filter bags

Filter bags

Various lengths available.
Fineness: 1 – 100 µm

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  • Filter paper

Filter paper

Various sizes in thin,
thick or activated carbon

  • Adsorption media

Adsorption media

Prefilter as Angle hair
and as Spaghetti filter

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