Adsorption media for filters by RENNER

RENNER adsorption media for filters


Adsorption media are a kind of pre-filters based on polypropylene, which are integrated in the actual filtering process.
RENNER differentiates “Spaghetti filters” of microfiber and “Angel hair” comprising fiber flakes.


  • Spaghetti as microfiber strips


  • Angel hair as individual microfibers in flakes


  • Polypropylene


  • Degreasing and phosphating
  • Oil emulsion
  • Pickling preparation
  • Suspensions with Sn (+II / + IV)
  • Acid baths

Other properties

The “Spaghetti filter” comprising microfiber and the “Angel hair” comprising fiber flakes are polypropylene products, which are simply inserted into the filter chamber or filter bag, and thus prevent clogging of the actual filter medium or, at least significantly delay it.

Areas of application

They are used primarily when very fine particles are present, such as colloids, which would quickly block any filter through a thin fine layer of slurry. Using coarser filter media in such situations would indeed increase the service life and reduce the blockage, but not achieve the desired filtering effect. And enlarging the filter surface would be like expanding the entire filter system, and that would require correspondingly more space and more filter media.